泛素 - 蛋白酶体生物技术(UBPBio),LLC是一家私人拥有的公司,由科学家和投资者于2011年建立.UBPBio致力于为学术和工业界提供高质量的试剂,以加速泛素 - 蛋白酶体系统和相关途径的发现。 目前,我们的产品线包括16个类别,350多种产品。 如果您需要泛素领域的特殊试剂,请联系我们,我们将努力提供帮助。


Proteasomes / Activators / Subunits
E1 Activating Enzymes
E2 Conjugating Enzymes
E3 Ubiquitin Ligases
Ubiquitin / Sumo Chains
Ubiquitin / Ubiquitin-like Proteins / Mutants
Deubiquitinating Enzymes
Fluorescent Peptide / Protein Substrates
Ubiquitin Binding Proteins
Ubiquitin / UBL Derivatives
Apoptosis / Necrosis
Protein Expression / Purification Reagents
DNA / Protein Ladders

Ubiquitin-Proteasome Biotechnologies成立于2011年,ubpbio是由科学家和投资者创立的私营企业。ubpbio致力于为学术界和工业界提供高质量的试剂和其他相关产品。ubpbio产品线包括的高度纯化的蛋白酶,E1和E2的酶,泛素和泛素衍生物,蛋白酶体抑制剂和蛋白酶基板。ubpbio不断开发**以增加新的产品,ubpbio致力为全球的客户提供更多的帮助。


The Ubiquitin-Proteasome Biotechnologies (UBPBio), LLC is a privately owned company, established by several scientists and investors in 2011. UBPBio is dedicated to providing the academic and industrial communities with high quality reagents to accelerate discoveries on the ubiquitin-proteasome system and related pathways. Currently, our product line includes 16 categories with more than 350 products. We add ~80 new products every year. Please contact us if you need a special reagent in the ubiquitin field, we will strive to help. 
Ubiquitin-Proteasome Biotechnologies成立于2011年,ubpbio是由科学家和投资者创立的私营企业。ubpbio致力于为学术界和工业界提供高质量的试剂和其他相关产品。ubpbio产品线包括的高度纯化的蛋白酶,E1和E2的酶,泛素和泛素衍生物,蛋白酶体抑制剂和蛋白酶基板。ubpbio不断开发**以增加新的产品,ubpbio致力为全球的客户提供更多的帮助。



Brand Product Name Cat. # Size
ubpbio Human 26S proteasome A1100 25 g
ubpbio Human 26S proteasome A1101 50 g
ubpbio Bovine 26S proteasome A1200 25 g
ubpbio Bovine 26S proteasome A1201 50 g
ubpbio Bovine 19S (PA700) A1300 25 g
ubpbio Bovine 19S (PA700) A1301 50 g
ubpbio Bovine 20S proteasome A1400 25 g
ubpbio Bovine 20S proteasome A1401 50 g
ubpbio Bovine immuno 20S proteasome A1500 25 g
ubpbio Bovine immuno 20S proteasome A1501 50 g
ubpbio 6xHis-PA28alpha A2100 25 g
ubpbio 6xHis-PA28alpha A2101 100 g
ubpbio 6xHis-PA28beta A2200 25 g
ubpbio 6xHis-PA28beta A2201 100 g
ubpbio 6xHis-PA28gamma A2300 25 g
ubpbio 6xHis-PA28gamma A2301 100 g
ubpbio GST-S5a A3300 25 g
ubpbio GST-S5a A3301 100 g
ubpbio S5a A3310 25 g
ubpbio S5a A3311 100 g
ubpbio 6xHis-Adrm1 A3400 25 g
ubpbio 6xHis-Adrm1 A3401 100 g
ubpbio 6xHis-Uch37 A3500 25 g
ubpbio 6xHis-Uch37 A3501 100 g
ubpbio Adrm1/Uch37 A3600 25 g
ubpbio Adrm1/Uch37 A3601 100 g
ubpbio 6xHis-Usp14 A3710 25 g
ubpbio 6xHis-Usp14 A3711 100 g
ubpbio 6xHis-PI31 A3900 25 g
ubpbio 6xHis-PI31 A3901 100 g
ubpbio Proteasome Activity Fluorometric Assay Kit I J4110 1 Kit
ubpbio Proteasome Activity Fluorometric Assay Kit II J4120 1 Kit
ubpbio Proteasome Inhibitor Screening Kit I J4210 1 Kit
ubpbio Proteasome Inhibitor Screening Kit II J4220 1 Kit
ubpbio Rapid 26S Proteasome Purification Kit-S J4310 1 Kit
ubpbio Rapid 26S Proteasome Purification Kit-L J4320 1 Kit


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